Rot In Pieces: Eminem got this tattoo after having a fight with Kim. It has the words “Rot in Pieces” on it with a tombstone with Kim on it. 
D & 12- D12: The D is to the 12 and it represents D12, His group dirty dozen. 
Proof Dedication Tattoo: Eminem got this tattoo in dedication for his best friend Proof, who was shot on April 11th 2006. 
Bonnie & Clyde: This is a tattoo of his daughter Hailie Jade with the words written under Bonnie & Clyde.
Eminem: This tattoo is one of his first. It is under the “Bonnie & Clyde” tattoo. If you look closely in some pictures you can still see it.
Ronnie R.I.P: Ronnie was Eminem’s uncle who introduced Eminem to hip hop. Eminem got it to pay props to Ronnie who committed suicide in 1991. 
Hailie Jade: He got this tattoo in 1995 not long after Hailie Jade was born. 
Slit me: This tattoo represents that Eminem getting this tattoo is the farthest he will go in actually slitting his wrist.
Tribal Bracelet: He got this tattoo when he was drunk, so there is no real meaning to it.